Athena P.

Bea was amazing with dealing with the ever changing needs of my business location hunt. We started with a residential property hunt which she was a lot more familiar with, but he stuck with me when I switched to a Commercial leasing and/ or purchase hunt. 3+ months of hunting from Salem to Quincy and everywhere in between, I never felt like she was ready to give up on me. Despite it being new territory for her, she did a great job of reaching out to associates for guidance, advice or assistance as needed when running into things she was not knowledgeable about which I highly commend. We can not be experts at everything and it is important to be able to acknowledge that and lean on your contacts to fill the gaps and Bea is an expert at doing just that. I look forward to working with her again in the near future with sale of my current home and purchase of a new one located closer to my new business